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This journal is the storage house for all Queer as Folk related documents created by me. Here you will find handwritten notes, memos, letters, drawings, and schoolwork by the characters found in the series (heavy on the Brian/Justin, of course). While all documents found here should be considered canon, I must point out that they are in absolutely no order at all. Pre-series documents will be mixed in with post-series documents, notes from season three will be mixed in with notes from season five, etcetera.

I'm trying to be as authentic as possible here, so documents that are difficult to read are that way for a purpose, whether it be due to supposed age, weathering, or the environment in which it likely resided.

If you have any suggestions for notes/letters/documents, feel free to send me a message! While I do have a list of ideas, I'm always open for more.

Thanks, and please enjoy!