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(2) Roses are Red

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AWWWWWW!!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!!! I'd love to see more little Justin and Daphne =)))

"pritty"??? LAMO =))))))))))

i'll make some more of them. i love their friendship so much.


justin t, like she wouldn't know. i can see her writing that, how cute.

lol my six-year-old niece signs all her little notes to me "love, emma k." it's such a cute and juvenile thing to do. XD

When she was little, my daughter used to sign Mother's Day cards with "Love, Taylor Bates". LOL. Like I'd think, OH! That Taylor! I was wondering if it was the other Taylor giving me a card for Mother's Day. Of couse, my youngest son didn't sign the card at all! LOL :-D

God, this is wonderful! Makes me tear up a bit, but in a good way.

I am loving that no matter which note it is, it's not necessary for you to date it! I can placed the person's age and stage of their relationship without any prompt at all!

Very well done!

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